Grief Recovery, The Loss of a Child



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1. Introduction

– I drafted this letter to a dear person in  my  life….she  encouraged me to write. I have relented only because I may be able to help someone…in some way.  – Only a true person with true life experience...



33. Root Pass

Most people run from treachery. Most people run form the notion of emotional turbulence and potential heartache. I’m not most people. For me, Trent “Blade”, was the very first thing I felt that wasn’t pain. He was the first...

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32. Skitzy

Enough heat to melt metal in the palm of your hand; a stinger, a rod, an electrical current, and a job.  I’ve  been welding  for  as long as I can remember, fusing together two cold and useless sharp edges to make a seamless...

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31. Red Curtains

The apartment was ok, it resembled a large studio apartment space and I couldn’t decide if I was kept or confined. I left boxes stacked in the corner, and eyed them from my perch on the  coffee table. I’m not sure why I didn’t...

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30. Don’t Mean Dallas

Divorce. God that made me smile. Divorce. Freedom. Sweet sweet release from the life of servitude I had signed up   for. Sweet sweet escape from the confines of a “committed relationship” with a man who I was not in love with,...

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